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Lake Sturgeon MS graduate assistantship @ Michigan State University

Position: Graduate Research Assistantship

Agency: Michigan State University

Responsibilities: We seek a highly motivated individual with quantitative skills and experience and desire to work in both field and hatchery settings. Work will involve (a) in-stream work tagging and collecting biological data from spawning adult Lake Sturgeon and collection of stream habitat and biotic data at the egg and larval stages, (b) common-garden experiments to investigate effects of fish culture practices and environmental and genetic effects associated with variation embryonic and larval development and survival.

Qualification: 4-yr degree in fisheries ecology, marine biology, or natural resources management; related work experience in basic research techniques in the allied fields of fisheries ecology, fisheries management, and aquaculture preformed in field and laboratory settings; experience in word processing, database management and/or publishing software.

Salary: Based on experience, tuition and health insurance provided

Closing Date: 11/15/2011

Contact: Kim Scribner
Department Fisheries & Wildlife
Michigan State University
Е-мейл адресът e защитен от спам ботове.

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